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Dark forces are aligning against Abigail… and another local! 

Days of Our Lives fans couldn’t help shuddering when they heard Chad declare himself “the luckiest person in the entire world.” Because while that seemed to be true — especially given that he and his wife were talking about having another baby — viewers worried that his and Abigail’s happiness was about to cut short in the most tragic of ways.

For weeks, those pesky rumors that Abigail is about to die — and, in fact, in the most gruesome way possible — have been circulating. More recently, Leo and Gwen have been plotting against Chad and his wife. And while the devious duo seems to have taken murder off the table (“After all,” said a clearly delusional Leo, “we are both essentially decent, good-hearted people, no?”), the fact that we still don’t know what really went down between Gwen and Laura raises serious questions about just how far Abigail’s sister would really go.

Jack shocked over Laura's lifeless body on Days of Our Lives

“Do you really think I’d kill someone, father? Wait, don’t answer that… “

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What the fates have in store for Abigail should become a whole lot clearer next week. Things get off to an ominous start when on Monday, June 6, Chad finds out about the latest story his wife is investigating and can’t help but worry. Things escalate quickly from there, and by week’s end, Chad has made a shocking discovery which will make his blood run cold.

Presumably, this is when he discovers Abigail’s body… but is that the end of the line or simply the beginning of the story? Because headwriter Ron Carlivati has warned that a murder mystery is about to rock Salem, and that the list of potential suspects would include a large swath of Salemites.

It’s that last part which has thinking this isn’t as clear-cut as it might first appear. Because aside from Leo and Gwen, it’s hard to think of anyone in Salem who might want Abigail dead, right? Sure, there was a time when she made enemies of people like EJ and Ben, but those days are long gone.

Abigail punches Ben at her church wedding on Days of Our Lives

Apparently, Abby did not love the idea of a guy who tried to kill her crashing her wedding.

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Then there’s the fact that Chad and Abigail have started talking about having another baby. While killing her at this moment of supreme happiness would certainly make for big, dramatic soap opera, it would also be… well, downright cruel, especially to fans who’ve been through so much where this particular pair is concerned.

And finally, this is Salem. While people really die-die in soap towns, that’s even truer in this small midwestern town. Nearly everyone in town has been resurrected, some repeatedly. So even if what Chad discovers is his wife’s body, there’s nothing to say her death is any more real than was EJ’s or Ciara’s or Nick’s (at least the first time around).

All of which leads us to believe one of two things is about to take place: Either Days is setting up a major fake-out by allowing us (and possibly Chad) to believe Abigail is dead, or someone else on the canvas — likely Gwen or Leo — is about to be axed.

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Leo could really use a copy of the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

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It’s easy to imagine a scenario in which Chad finds Abigail’s “dead” body, gets drunk and wakes up the next morning next to Leo’s cold corpse. Moments later, Chad’s supposedly-deceased bride walks in, having been given a drug which fained the appearance of death… only to wonder if her husband, believing her passing to be real, took revenge by killing Leo! She and Chad hide the body, which of course inevitably surfaces, leading to the big murder mystery in which the question becomes: Did Chad or someone else do away with Leo?

A whole lot of locals have reason to want Leo dead… as evidenced by our rather lengthy list of suspects!