Days shocker mashup
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“The suspect list is a mile long!” 

The population of Salem will temporarily expand when the Grim Reaper visits Days of Our Lives. Of course, things will quickly balance out when the scythe-wielding soul collector steals the life of a local!

“There’s going to be a shocking murder that will rock all of Salem,” headwriter Ron Carlivati told Soap Opera Digest in their new issue. “And the suspect list is a mile long!”

The one thing the scribe didn’t reveal? Who would be biting the proverbial (and perhaps literal) bullet. But we’re pretty sure we’ve got that one figured out…

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By now, you’ve no doubt heard those pesky rumors that Abigail is on the chopping block, with some even going so far as to suggest that she’ll exit in the most dramatic fashion possible: by being beheaded! (You can read what Carlivati had to say about that here.) Even if that’s the case, however, hers seems unlikely to be the death referenced in the latest tease. Why? Simple. Even if Abigail were to be murdered, the suspect list wouldn’t be “a mile long.” It’s not as if Chad’s wife has a slew of enemies out there plotting her demise.

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The same can’t be said, however, for Gwen. Since first she arrived in Salem, Abigail’s then-secret sibling has done nothing to endear herself to the locals (or, for that matter, viewers). You’ll recall that when Abby yanked the rug out from under Gwen on the day she was to marry Xander, there wasn’t anybody rushing to comfort the would-be bride. Truth be told, everyone from spectators to the at-home audience was cheering the bitchy Brit’s downfall.

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Yet Gwen isn’t likely to be the murder victim, either. Rather, we’re guessing her fellow schemer, the dastardly Leo, is the one who’ll be offed. Think about it: The bad boy, who has just a little bit too much fun raising hell to ever make it into heaven, is exactly the type to wind up ticking off one person too many. You can practically hear half of Salem telling the police, “Oh, I definitely would have killed him if someone hadn’t gotten there first!”

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Heck, the cops won’t even have to make a suspect list, given that Leo has been walking around with the names of everyone he’s trying to destroy in his pocket!

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