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All he had to do was… just add water.

Usually, when we discuss those who have made significant contributions in the field of science, we bring up the Stephen Hawkings and the Marie Curies, the Charles Darwins and the Albert Einsteins. But today, a new name must be added to that list: Carson Boatman.

Though the actor didn’t conduct his experiment in a laboratory, he undertook a noble endeavor all the same. Then, despite discovering that the creator of a certain garment had already done so in the preferable method, he shared the results of his test with his Instagram followers.

“Well, guys, I tried it out,” said Johnny’s portrayer, “and can now say with 100-percent certainty that the person who invented wetsuits was right on the money by not using denim.”

Well-played, Carson. And his fans agreed. As jennevelyn79 put it so perfectly, “I mean, you know what you’re doing here. It worked.” She even threw in a fire emoji to underscore the hotness of Boatman’s trial.

“You brought sexy to the forefront,” cheered glasgow8858. Concurring was ba_notcr, who remarked simply but accurately, “Dang.”

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Of course, not everyone was entirely satisfied with the leading man’s photographic disclosure. “Well,” teased lukerichardsphoto, “maybe at least lose the jacket.”

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