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Is the biggest shock ever about to rock Salem? 

Fans of Chad and Abigail have not had an easy time of late, and it looks as if things could soon get worse for the Days of Our Lives pair and their devotees. For months now, rumors have circulated that dark forces are aligning against the DiMeras, with Chad’s wife supposedly slated to meet a gruesome fate. And if that weren’t bad enough, the couple’s recent highly-anticipated love scenes wound up being cut from the show entirely!

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Last month saw Chad busting up Leo’s ill-fated wedding to Craig, while Abby at long last got revenge on her twisted half sister by exposing her darkest secrets before Gwen could exchange vows with Xander. Unfortunately, in triumphing over the schemers, Chad and Abby also wound up putting themselves firmly atop Leo and Gwen’s hit lists.

Perhaps not coincidentally, it was just about that same time that rumors first popped up about Abby being not only murdered, but beheaded! When we spoke to headwriter Ron Carlivati about that particularly gruesome potential twist, he simply laughed. “I’ve heard a lot of things,” he admitted, “but I hadn’t heard that one!”

He did not, it’s worth noting, confirm or deny the speculation.

Meanwhile, long-suffering “Chabby” fans were disappointed to find that all of the pair’s scenes were cut from the episode which aired earlier this month. Thanks to leaked spoiler photos, viewers were expecting Chad and Abigail to share a few romantic scenes… which wound up being cut for time. (Fortunately, you can see the scenes in the YouTube clips below.)


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Of course, it’s not at all uncommon for scenes to be cut from an episode for time. In some cases, extra scenes are taped for exactly that reason. For example, Bold & Beautiful writes an extra scene for every episode. These scenes do not air during the United States broadcast, but are used in foreign markets which air fewer commercials.

As for those rumors about Abby’s death — not to mention her beheading — well, only time will tell…


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