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How long can this possibly last? 

It looks like Rafe and Nicole are about to tie the knot on Days of Our Lives! Well, maybe not right away, but it could come pretty quickly seeing as how fast Rafe is popping the question. Because according to the current issue of Soap Opera Digest, that’s coming next week… and Nicole says yes!

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But that “yes” doesn’t come without plenty of hesitating, but she’d be crazy not to take a step back and wonder what was going on.

Though Rafe worries her hesitation is because Eric is sticking around seeing as how he’s being defrocked (again!) for performing some unsanctioned exorcisms, she assures him it’s more because of just how insanely fast he’s taking this.

Their relationship began as an illicit affair, and they’ve only been an official couple for a few months now. He claims he’s not just proposing because he’s worried about Eric, but how true is that?

“She tries to reassure Rafe that even though she has feelings for Eric,” Arianne Zucker told Digest of Nicole, “it’s not right for them to be together.”

They just had that talk about how jealousy is a part of every relationship, which is true… to a point. It’s promising that they’re communicating openly about it, but less promising that it’s rearing its head already and is accompanied by so much insecurity.

Still, Nicole realizes that “Rafe has every right to feel” insecure. “If the roles were reversed, Nicole would feel the same way.”

Nicole cries as Eric kisses her hands on Days of Our Lives

Are these two destiny, or were they just a pitstop?

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Rafe even volunteers to back off the proposal, and that’s when she decides to go for it.

“Not only does she love this guy,” Zucker explained, “but they do have a good, solid relationship. He really cares about creating a family with her, and she doesn’t want him to be disappointed.”

Well, that’s not great. Not wanting to disappoint someone probably isn’t the healthiest way to start off a life-time commitment. And it gets worse from there, because the first person she runs to tell is Eric.

“She just wants to get it off her chest,” Zucker claimed, “and she doesn’t want him finding out from someone else.”

That’s all well and good, but how many of us rush out to tell our exes that we’re getting married because we’re just so worried about their feelings? Eric’s a big boy, who ran off after they married to go do good deeds around the world. Noble, yes, but not exactly fair. He can handle finding out about Nicole’s marriage from other people.

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The fact that she’s so worried about him should give Rafe pause more than anything else. If Nicole were truly devoted to him, his feelings should be coming before Eric’s at this point. She knows he’s insecure and jealous, so she should also know this little act probably won’t make him feel great.

But it is what it is. Rafe and Nicole are engaged! For now.

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