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“Typical story.”

Sadly, we often hear about the horror stories of actors getting ripped off by one person or another during their careers and Days of Our Lives alum Freddie Smith (ex-Sonny) recently shared a personal experience of his own. In a TikTok video, the former daytime star was asked if his time on the soap paid enough for him not to have to work again — and despite the fact that he did make $3 million dollars as an actor, Smith revealed, “No, I cannot retire.”

Though he made his first million by the time he was 24 years old, now at 34, Smith explained, “Typical story… wasn’t financially literate… was overspending. I had like a $10,000 overhead.” He recalled that a bunch of crazy things happened in his early 20s and in Hollywood in general. However, it wasn’t until 2015, when he was around 27 years old, that a horrifying detail came to light. “My business manager was also stealing from me,” Smith stated. “So that was like $100,000, plus she [messed] up my taxes, so that’s a whole other story.”

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Even through all of that, Smith came out okay. “Luckily my wife and I did make a few good investments so we’re able to work for ourselves and build our businesses now.” So, to further answer the fan’s initial question… while they don’t need a survival job, at the same time, they’re not rich but Smith assured, “We’re working on it.”

However, that time in his early career wasn’t all bad… in another video, he reflected on his role as Sonny and how during over the 800 episodes that he filmed, it was the time of his life. “We told a great story, we positively impacted so many people, had a lot of fun, a lot of drama,” Smith stated. “A lot of smacking, a lot of yelling, a lot of throwing.”

will and sonny's wedding days

Amid all of that typical soapy drama — and having been part of the first gay male wedding on a soap — there was one more thing that could have made his almost 10 years at Days of Our Lives even better. “I never had an evil twin,” Smith shared. “That would have been cool.”

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