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It doesn’t get much better than this celebration!

If you’re thinking nothing can beat a Days of Our Lives wedding, you’re probably right — even when the wedding doesn’t actually happen. Or maybe we should say, when the weddings don’t happen! Sorry, Leo and Gwen, your shots at married bliss are going to have to be put on hold for a bit!

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Then again, while real life can’t quite hold a candle to the wild times in Salem, it can come pretty darn close! When Emily O’Brien and beau Ken Barnett headed down south for a New Orleans wedding, she shared some gorgeous photos and one amazing video of some good old fashioned NOLA fun.

This wedding had it all, a beaming bride, New Orleans jazz, dancing, umbrellas, marching through the streets — everything! And the actress looked incredible in black as she literally kicked up her heels on the porch of the city’s historic Edgar Degas house.

And it looks like she capped off the wild celebration with a little quiet time at Cafe Beignet.

“Our hearts (and bellies!) are full,” she wrote with the post. “The wedding of the year.”

That’s certainly a tall order after making it through Gwen’s explosive wedding, but after scrolling through the post, we don’t know that we can disagree!

If nothing else, it’s nice to see happiness and joy at a wedding instead of misery, drama and explosive reveals. Actually, that last one was pretty fun to watch. But we wish the bride and groom the very best and are thrilled that O’Brien’s heart was filled by the joyous occasion!

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