Ciara and Ben are visited by Bo
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Bo Brady makes a special return to Salem.

In the latest Days of Our Lives preview for the week of May 16 -20, an angel comes in a time of need. Read about the details and watch the latest preview below.

After Ciara gave birth to baby Bo at the Horton cabin, AllieDevil quickly absconded with the boy. The devil later revealed to Evan that he planned to take his final corporeal form in the child, who, unlike the adults he has overtaken, would not be able to fight him out.

While Ben got to Ciara at the cabin, he was too late to stop AllieDevil. He took Ciara to the hospital, and AllieDevil sent Evan there to finally do away with Ciara once and for all. Fortunately, he was stopped by Ben. Meanwhile, AllieDevil rose Tripp’s brother Charlie from the grave to help her begin the transference into baby Bo’s body. However, Johnny arrived on the scene to try and save the baby and his sister.

In a preview for next week, Ben and Ciara are at the hospital when a miracle occurs. Ciara asks her husband, “Am I seeing things?” Through the door, engulfed in white light, appears Bo! Bo says to his daughter, “Hey there little one!” Ciara cries, “Daddy it really is you!”

And in another touching scene, Steve is in tears and appears to have lost all hope when he looks up to see Bo smiling at him! Dare we hope this visit from heaven means the end of hell in Salem?

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