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The end of this storyline is near — and after it, the answer to your prayers.

Days of Our Lives headwriter Ron Carlivati knew that he was playing with fire — hellfire, even — when he returned Satan to Salem. As former scribe James E. Reilly learned after he had Vivian bury Carly alive, going big brings with it an unspoken pressure to next go even bigger.

Marlena levitates over her bed as red light is cast on the room on Days of Our Lives

Up, up and awaaay!

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“I’ll admit, I did fear that,” Carlivati tells “When we decided to revisit this particular storyline, one of the things I really had to think about was sort of the consequences — not only in terms of our characters and what it means for them moving forward but for the show itself. Was this sort of the beginning or, in terms of going over the top, the end?”

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To the delight of viewers who prefer their daytime drama grounded in at least a smidgen more reality, the answer at which the scribe arrived was that it was the end. “Once we finish the devil storyline,” he promises, “we’ll be going back to good, old-fashioned soap-opera storytelling — which, frankly, is what this story was at heart.”

johnny breaks chanel's heart days

“So help me, if you say the devil made you do it one more time… ”

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Wait, it was? A demon ping-ponged its way through half of Salem, playing the anti-Cupid for one couple after another on its way to a steady diet of baby food as the “Cin” newborn. But “at the end of the day, it involved Marlena and her family having to come together to face a challenge,” Carlivati points out. “Yes, in this case, that challenge was the devil, but it’s still about family and matters of the heart.

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