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Will fans finally be getting the reunion they dreamed of… or something worse?

Kidnapping, memory loss, mistaken identity, then mistaken child identity — it’s been a long, painful road for Days of Our Lives‘ Xander and Sarah ever since she disappeared just before their wedding. Fortunately, it looks like that road may finally be leading them back together!

Spoilers for the week suggest that Xander and Maggie will be making a tough choice on Wednesday. And that choice is, of course, whether or not to give Sarah the cure that Gwen had swiped!

“Xander and Maggie know that the cure might not work,” previews headwriter Ron Carlivati, “and on some level they’re aware that it could even make the situation worse — although that’s almost hard to imagine. But they also realize that this might be their last chance to have ‘their’ Sarah back.

“It’s an interesting scenario,” Carlivati continues, “because it raises the question: Which is worse… if they give her Rolf’s ‘cure’ and it makes her worse, or if they don’t even try?”

Or what happens if it cures her, but something is still a bit… off? What if she remembers things like Xander and her love for him, but not quite all of it?

The answer to those questions could prove devastating – at least to anyone who crosses Xander’s path! If Sarah doesn’t remember the horrible things he’d done to her, Xander wouldn’t necessarily jump on the chance to remind her. Lying and hiding things from her to protect her feelings are all par for the course. And he might not take kindly to those who would try to dredge up that pain anew.

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For better or worse, all Xander wants to do is shield Sarah from hurt.

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When Telfer spoke to, he made it clear that Xander has never really reformed from his bad boy ways and suggested that he’s still very much capable of committing horrible acts — especially when it comes to protecting Sarah.

“Xander was being terrible in order to try to protect Sarah’s feelings,” he recalled. And that hasn’t changed. He could still react horribly “to things Sarah may or may not do in the future. It could lead to violent altercations. He would definitely get himself into some real trouble to do something for her, whether she liked it or not.”

That would be bad enough if the cure left gaps in what Sarah remembers, but if it ends up causing more permanent damage, Xander could truly end up in a dark place.

So far, we’ve only seen him in shock the morning after learning his former bride-to-be doubled down on scrambling Sarah’s mind. His sole concern was trying to get the antidote and saving Sarah. If that doesn’t go quite the way he’s hoping, well, he’s perfectly capable of hurting others in return for the pain they’ve caused him and his love.

“I think his desire to still prove himself worthy of Sarah,” Telfer mused, “just the nature of the longer, deeper relationship, they’ve had, I think he would definitely kill for Sarah.”

In other words, Gwen and Kristen might want to watch their backs!

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