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Is her very life in danger?

While the devil has been causing confusing havoc back in Salem, and Gwen and Leo have been upending lives, Days of Our Lives’ Sami and Lucas have been running around off-screen a bomb just waiting to go off for some time now. No good can come of running off with your kidnapper — especially if you don’t know just how dangerous he really is! The question is, is that bomb’s fuse about to be lit?

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Spoilers for next week indicate that Roman’s got a bad feeling that something’s happened to Sami (again). Seeing as how she’s all but MIA, off galivanting around with a man we already know is not to be trusted, he’s right to worry — even if he doesn’t quite know why.

Headwriter Ron Carlivati makes it clear that right now, “Sami has no idea that Lucas kidnapped her, but obviously we’ve set it up so that at some point, that can be revealed.”

With that said, he teases in our May Sweeps preview that Sami could be returning from learning about Lucas’ crimes to the shock of realizing that Belle and EJ have gotten close — very close.

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The worse Sami’s reaction, the greater she could be putting herself in danger!

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“EJ and Belle have been confiding in and comforting one another more and more often,” he notes, “and it certainly seems possible that things might progress from there. So imagine a scenario in which Sami comes back to find EJ and Belle together? These two sisters have had issues for years. And something like this? That would be a potentially explosive situation.”

How explosive? Sami tends to fight tooth and nail when someone comes between her and her man. The more of a threat, the harder she fights. We’ve all seen her reaction to Nicole. Belle’s closeness with EJ is sure to bring out the worst, most possessive parts of her. The parts that factored into why (at least in his warped mind) Lucas kidnapped her to begin with.

He wanted to force her away from EJ. If she goes right back to that well, tearing her family apart in the process, what if Lucas decides he needs to take even more drastic measures to make sure Sami doesn’t go back to her ex?

Could her life be in danger? Roman’s fears for his daughter could be frighteningly accurate, just not quite coming to horrible fruition just yet.

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These are not the actions of a well man!

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We’d hope that Lucas would be locked away for what he’s done… but this is Salem. That is far from a guarantee. And yeah, killing Sami would be so out of character for him, right?

Honestly, that’s what we would have said a year ago about him kidnapping her. It’s utterly absurd, but rational people thinking clearly don’t hold someone hostage for months and call it love, then run off together and expect everything to work out.

Lucas is clearly unbalanced and has been for some time. The question now is how unbalanced. We’re not saying he’d murder Sami in a premeditated killing, but could his state of mind be confused and frazzled enough to off her in a fit of passion during a fight over EJ? Such an impulsive, dangerous act is certainly not out of the question for his family. Just ask Philip. Or Kate. Heck, she’s flat out tried to murder Sami before.

It’s unthinkable… but at a certain point, we might have to start thinking it. And honestly, killing off Sami would solve the problem of constantly having to come up with reasons why she’s always leaving town for long stretches at a time. Plus, it would set up a whole slew of emotional fallout for the folks still on canvas.

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