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“If you blink, you will have to rewind it!”

The moment it was announced that Days of Our Lives Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell would be bringing Hope and Bo back to our screens, people had questions. After all, Bo died in Fancy Face’s arms, and Hope later left Salem (with Alfonso making it sound as if the odds of her ever returning were right up there with those of winning the lottery). Now, as we get ever closer to the July 11 debut of Beyond Salem‘s second chapter, we’re finally getting at least a few hints as to what to expect.

“As with the first chapter, most of Beyond Salem will take place, as the title suggests, in locations other than Salem,” says headwriter Ron Carlivati. “That gives us an opportunity to catch up with people who’ve left town, find out what they’ve been up to since last we saw them. There will definitely be some unexpected but familiar faces popping up again.”

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Already, we’ve seen photos indicating that Ben and Ciara will at long last have an opportunity to catch up with her mom, Hope. And they’ll certainly have a lot to talk about, what with the devil having tried to steal the couple’s child and all. (With that story set to wrap up during May Sweeps, it should be history by the time Beyond Salem airs.) But how, exactly, does Ciara’s late dad factor into the storyline?

“Hope needed to move on and really didn’t have closure,” Reckell recently reflected on Access Hollywood, adding that Bo appeared to Hope in a dream. Added Alfonso, “I called it the Scrooge episode, because [Bo] brought Hope through all their history and why it was time to move on and their love would always be.”

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Reckell went on to reveal — perhaps prematurely, given Alfonso’s reaction — that Bo will return “just for a couple shows as a ghost to save my [family].”

Although Beyond Salem is a miniseries as opposed to a traditional soap, Alfonso happily defended the genre. “I know sometimes they say soap operas go slow and you can miss a few days,” she elaborated, “with this, you can’t miss a second. Seriously, if you blink, you will have to rewind it!”

Meanwhile, Carlivati confirmed exclusively to that Steve and Kayla’s newly-recast daughter, Stephanie, will first be seen in Beyond Salem before joining the regular cast of Days of Our Lives. 

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