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So many choices, so little time!

As we’ve spent months (so many months) trying to figure out what the devil’s endgame is on Days of Our Lives, one thing has been clear: he takes an unusual amount of joy in splitting couples up! It looks like it may soon happen with Shawn and Belle, and he’s done it with Jake and Gabi and Allie and Tripp.

And then there’s poor Chanel, who he’s hit with a double breakup, ending her relationships with Johnny and his sister!

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But now, spoilers indicate that Chanel’s about to learn that her Johnny may not be quite as done with her as she thought, seeing as how he was playing host for the devil! And once that happens, AllieDevil’s unmasking can’t be too far behind.

In other words, if Chanel thought Satan was making life difficult, wait until he’s gone! Things are about to get really complicated for her.

First off, there’s her ex-husband. She clearly loved Johnny right up until he publicly dumped her in just about the cruelest way possible. Actually, no, she still loved him even after that. You don’t just hop into bed with your husband’s sister if you aren’t deeply hurt, and we rarely feel pain as deeply as that caused by those we love.

Finding out she would (probably) still be married if it wasn’t for Satan is going to be a huge, confusing blow to absorb. How does Chanel even process that?

And then there’s Allie. Chanel’s feelings for her were genuine even before she and Johnny married. There’s a reason she turned to her hubby’s twin for comfort, and it wasn’t because she was family! The two were happily moving on, embracing their feelings for each other and figuring out their identities. It was new territory, but they were exploring it together. At least, until the devil hopped into Allie and put an end to it.

At a table in The Bistro, Tripp and Chanel lean in close to each other. Days of Our Lives

Is this the wildcard we never saw coming?

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

And now there’s Tripp. Sparks have just started flying between these two — though luckily Paulina put a stop to them before they ignited into a full-blown drunken fire — but we can’t count him out. Both Chanel and Tripp were hurt by the devil’s machinations, and while they may realize their significant others weren’t entirely at fault (though Allie did, indeed, cheat of her own free will), getting over that pain could be easier said than done.

“The devil ruined my relationship” isn’t exactly a huge club — though surprisingly larger than we would have thought just a year ago — so it’s only natural that such a unique shared experience would draw Chanel and Tripp together.

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Raven Bowens has been a big champion of her character’s sexual fluidity, knowing that it’s important to give “voice to the voiceless.” But now that the devil’s machinations are (hopefully) unravelling, it’s clear that there’s another boon to Chanel’s fluidity — nearly endless possibilities for love! That could be a good thing, but it could also lead to a whole lot of heartbreak.

When the dust settles, who will Chanel end up choosing? Is she about to be hit by an embarrassment of riches, or have her heart torn into three different pieces? Who does she truly love? Who will she end up hurting — and will she be able to live with herself when she does?

Chanel’s got a lot of questions ahead of her, and we doubt even she knows the answers!

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