Anna and Syd celebrate the holidays (

Matt’s Musings.

Thought’s on the week of December 21-25.

Public Service Announcement: Christine is away for the next two week nestling in the cruel bosom of the winter wonderland known as Toronto. In her place, I’m leaving my regular mooring over on Soap Opera Fan to fill in. I do things a little differently than she does, but I hope this won’t be too painful for everyone. Don’t fret, I promise the blonde one will be back.

It’s Christmas in Salem and you know what that means. Unsolicited advice, family fighting, insults that have been carefully gift wrapped and a few twisted and time tested gifts for the ever undeserving little boys and girls in adult’s bodies who call the clam chowder cove their home.

Losing Hope. Carly and Bo began bickering. They’re both so used to arguing with people that they can do it on autopilot. He even forgot what he was arguing about in mid-sentence. She laughed at him before breaking into tears and admitting that she is falling in love with him… again. But the week was about to start looking even more awkward for Beauregard. It was decided that the Horton family Christmas would be at Bo and Hope’s even if there was no Hope there. She popped in after Doug and Julie had already settled in. Julie, who had apparently been dipping into the eggnog, got excited about getting Bo back with his wife. He quickly dampened her enthusiasm. Even Hope got a little enthusiastic, but a conversation with Bo quickly ended that and he literally left her out in the cold.

Anna’s Revenge. Anna spent the week carefully cutting out letters from her collection of vintage fashion magazines to make the perfect kidnapping note. Always a perfectionist, it took days of concentration to carefully color code it and find the complimentary fonts. When she wasn’t doing that, she talked to Tony’s picture and promised revenge on his super nasty family. Her revenge plot was interrupted when Stefano called and invited her over for the holidays. She didn’t find that sweet, curdling perhaps, and she continued with her plotting.

Salem’s Surprising Sweethearts.
Rafe broke the news to Sami that Stefano has nothing to do with the kidnapping. Sami wept. Meanwhile, EJ barged into Ari‘s to accuse her of stealing his daughter… then he wept. She felt bad. He returned to the mansion with an idea for a press conference/vigil. Before he could spill the thought, they got a lead that sent them after Kate as the kidnapper. Although Kate may have criminally bad taste in footwear, she still wasn’t the kidnapper however. After Sami had tried to strangle her and EJ had a tired tantrum, Kate was left alone with Stefano. They shared some tender moments. Rather surprisingly, they have subtly made their way into being one of the most genuinely loving, if malicious, couples in town.

Mia’s Missteps. Mia has become grudgingly aware that she is falling into the disease that seems to afflict most of the town’s women – she’s becoming prone to sporadic bouts of stupidity. For many it gets worse with age, so there is still a little hope for her. She agreed to go to the festival of flakes with Will and Chad. The mess up was soon discovered. Chad blew up and walked off when she made it clear she was going with Will. The young Horton wore a suit but kept his hair the same. Chad ended up taking Gabi, but she ordered him to take a bath first so that he could get the odor of Salem’s air off. After he was attacked in the pub’s alleyway in the Salem version of an Axe commercial for girl approved hair, he went in and picked up Gabi. The dance wasn’t as thrilling as T.’s sardonic jokes about it suggested it could have been. Chad ended up having to show off his years of training with Salem’s Tornado Dancers and taught Gabi to slow dance in the snow as Mia looked on and whimpered.