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Playing bad has been very, very good for the actor.

It took 42 years of working in soaps for John Aniston (Victor, Days of Our Lives) to get his first Daytime Emmy nomination back in 2017. And although he wound up losing to Steve Burton — who at the time was playing Dylan on The Young and the Restless — we’re thrilled to announce that this year, Aniston is 100 percent guaranteed to walk away a winner. Why? Because the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has announced that during the live ceremony held on June 24, Aniston will be the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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“Put on your red dancing shoes, Maggie… we’ve got some celebrating to do!”

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And to think, he almost didn’t get the part. In fact, as he explained during a Television Academy Foundation interview, when first he was called in to test for Days, it was for the role of Doug Williams (which of course wound up going to Bill Hayes). When finally Aniston did hit Days, it was as Dr. Eric Richards. So reviled was his alter ego — who took pleasure in torturing good guy Bill Horton — that he recalls being “attacked at a supermarket once by a lady with an umbrella. ‘How dare you be so mean to Dr. Bill, who never hurt anybody in his life. You’re an awful man!'”

Although that part lasted less than a year, it perfectly prepared Aniston to step into the role of bad guy Victor 15 years later… a part he’s been playing since 1985. And it’s a role he’s loved from the start. Being an international crime boss, he explained, “You can do whatever you want to people. Everything that everybody wants to do but can’t do, you can do. You punish your enemies and reward your friends. What’s not to like?”

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While Victor may be the part for which he’s best known, it’s far from his only role, even in daytime. He appeared on both Love of Life and Search for Tomorrow, often joking that on the latter, his character was the only man to marry lead heroine Jo (played by Mary Stuart) and not be killed off in one fashion or another. And of course, he’s also pretty well known for his off-screen role as the father of Jennifer Aniston.

Join us in reliving some of Victor’s highs and lows with the photo gallery below. Even we forgot just how low he sometimes sank!