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“This is the opportunity that the fans so deserve.”

Days of Our Lives fans got the surprise of a lifetime when we learned that not only were we getting a second season of the show’s digital spinoff, Beyond Salem, it would feature a return of Hope — who hasn’t been seen since Ciara’s supposed death — and Bo — who, well, died!

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But as excited as fans have been, there was still the question of how Days of Our Lives would pull this great feat off. Well, Kristian Alfonso sat down with E!’s Daily Pop to dish on her and Hope’s returns, and what we had to look forward to in Beyond Salem. It sounds like quite a lot!

When asked what finally brought her back to Salem, she replied that headwriter “Ron Carlivati has written an incredible story. In the past, I have said, ‘The story is great, it’s a roller coaster’ — this is beyond any of that.

“As I’m talking about it,” she continued, “I’m getting chills, because as Ron is telling me, I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, he is breaking the sound barrier here!’ The audience is going to be in shock when they see what happens. There’s going to be a lot of joy, a lot of tears and a lot of, ‘Holy… !’”

She came back, she noted, for the fans, saying that she never really had a chance to say goodbye when she left the show, with Hope simply going from mourning Ciara to leaving town. Victoria Konefal is one of the first folks she got to work with on Beyond Salem, and she couldn’t have been happier.

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We need this back in our lives, please!

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But when it comes to reunions that fans are waiting for, nothing can top seeing Bo and Hope together again. And that is coming. Alfonso reminisced about the couple’s legendary romance, then turned to how much she loved her on-screen beau. “And Pete [Reckell],” she exclaimed. “I haven’t worked with him yet, but pretty soon I’m going to be working with him, and I’m very excited about that.”

We’re pretty sure everyone is excited about that!

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Ultimately, after Carlivati shared his plans for the story and how he’d be bringing both Bo and Hope back, he asked for Alfonso’s opinion. She responded that she loved it and that it was “a fantastic storyline.” She was just a bit stunned to silence, though, because she was trying to figure out “how is all of this going to happen in five episodes?”

“This is what I will say to the audience,” she concluded, “if you blink for a moment, you’re going to have to rewind because it’s moving so fast.”

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