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These two had better watch their backs!

Well, not only are we not getting a double wedding on Days of Our Lives, it looks like we’re about to get a double non wedding! After a fair share of some hilariously awkward stalling by Justin, Chad swooped in just in time with Jackie Cox to drop two bombs on Leo. And we’ve already seen from the spoilers tomorrow that Xander and Gwen’s ceremony is getting derailed by Abigail in an even darker fashion.

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Sonny was the real mastermind (with Chloe and Brady cheering him on) behind Leo’s downfall, but Chad was the one who showed up with Jackie to ruin the wedding. Put that together with what’s sure to be Abigail’s enjoyment at ruining Gwen’s nuptials and it feels like the DiMeras have just put a huge target on their backs.

Rumors have been swirling online for months now that Abigail’s demise is imminent. There’s been no indication that Abigail or Marci Miller are going anywhere, but we’re still left wondering just how far could Gwen go to get back at her. She’s a schemer, but is she a murderer?

Their rivalry before this was mainly just thanks to Gwen’s insecurities at having lived a hard life while her sis grew up in luxury. But this is far, far more personal. Abigail’s taken away her chance at happiness, and Gwen’s misdeeds have been piling up as she’s fought to keep Xander to herself and keep Sarah from returning — either physically or mentally!

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Those smiles could soon turn deadly. 

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

As for Leo and Chad, their reveal was played more for laughs — at least up until Craig’s emotional storming out. With that said, things did not go as planned for Leo, and if we can believe him when he said he really did fall for his husband-to-be, having that happiness snatched away could send him out for blood.

The former “Matty Cooper” is mostly just a sleezy con artist… but he did try to strangle Will to death. The circumstances weren’t that different than now, either, with Will showing up to spoil Leo’s near-marriage to Sonny.

Of course, even if they don’t pull the trigger in a literal sense, Gwen and Leo teaming up to ruin Abigail and Chad could be disastrous. They’re already besties — probably the only real friends they each have in town — and as shady as it comes. The devil’s been knocking around town for the better part of a year now, but somehow his trail of destruction doesn’t feel nearly as consequential as Gwen and Leo’s!

Abigail and Chad have weathered any number of threats, from affairs to alternate personalities, and always managed to find their way back together again, but there’s only so much anyone can take. A new scheme team in Gwen and Leo — especially if they no longer have anything to lose at this point — could do incalculable damage.

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What do you think? Will Chad and Abigail need to start sleeping with one eye open? Could a desperate Gwen and Leo become a real, dangerous threat to them? Let us know below!

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