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Nothing compares to have your father in your corner.

Things look like they’re about to get very, very messy for Xander on Days of Our Lives as his wedding to Gwen just crashed to a disastrous halt and Sarah’s lost off in toddler land. No matter how you slice it, there doesn’t seem to be much happiness ahead for the rogue. Fortunately, that doesn’t apply to his portrayer off-screen — especially with such an incredibly supportive father!

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Paul Telfer tweeted out a conversation with his dad the other day that was so adorably sweet, we can see why he had to share it!

“My lovely dad,” Telfer tweeted, “now fully recovered from his birthday treats and Easter feasts, is getting caught up on Days of Our Lives.”

The message that followed couldn’t help but make us smile as we saw just how much the actor’s father cared and paid attention to his work.

“They say humans can do anything they can imagine,” the Telfer’s proud dad wrote, “like all the stuff on Star Trek that was thought to be fantastic has now become everyday. If this is true, you are going to have an amazing future with the stuff the Days writers imagine — drugs that change who you think you are, and one injection that can regress you to a childlike state. Can’t wait to see what happens next!”

Clearly, the man knows his stuff. And we love the Star Trek nod, especially since Telfer’s turn as Commander McCain in 2020’s Star Trek: First Frontier! (Plus, the hilarious trolling William Shatner gave the Scottish actor claiming fans had mixed up the two Trek stars.)

But it’s not just the show itself that Telfer’s dad caught up on, but also Days of Our Lives’ cheeky promos.

“I enjoyed the little sketch you did with the two people from the show on sayings from your countries. It was funny, looked like you all had fun doing it.”

Dad is, of course, referring to the game Telfer played over on Days of Our Lives’ YouTube channel with Dan Feuerriegel (EJ) and Robert Scott Wilson (Ben) where the three actors compared regional slang between Australia, Scotland and Massachusetts. And it does, indeed, look like they all had a blast doing it!

In any case, we all wish we had dads this supportive — and this into what we’re doing! Because clearly Telfer’s pop is all in on everything from Days of Our Lives’ most fantastical plot twists to the show’s cheeky bonus material.

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And we’re pretty sure he’s right, because no matter what happens, it looks like there’s plenty of drama to keep Xander busy for a long time to come!

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