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Are these two headed for an unavoidable reunion?

If there’s one thing there’s no shortage of on Days of Our Lives right now, it’s couples. But that doesn’t mean those currently on screen are all that stable! Heck, just look at Xander and Gwen or Leo and Craig! Then there’s Nicole and Rafe. They seem pretty solid, especially having weathered (so far!) Ava’s attacks, but now there’s an even bigger threat on the horizon than a ticked off mob princess: Eric!

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It took approximately .5 seconds of watching him reconnect with Nicole to realize the magic they’ve always had is still there. They’re already being drawn back together. We’d feel bad for Rafe, but honestly, he and Nicole just don’t seem as destined as she and Eric.

And that would leave Salem’s top cop single and ready to mingle — well, once he got over his broken heart! But he’s certainly not going back to Ava. She framed him and did her best to ruin his life. And we don’t see her taking him back. After all, Ava was so ticked at his cheating that she, again, tried to ruin his life. Plus, she’s got Jake to play with now.

There is one woman, though, who Rafe might be able to turn to — Sami!

Sure, she might be off with Lucas right now, but they’re returning sooner or later. And when they do, how long can Lucas survive? Kate knows he had Sami kidnapped, and so do EJ and Chad. Let’s face it, his and Sami’s relationship is just ticking down until someone spills the beans and it implodes. And when it does, it’s going to come with a reckoning between Lucas and the law — which is exactly when Rafe would step in!

FBI agent Rafe Hernandez protected Sami Brady on Days of our Lives

Could Rafe save Sami again — both from Lucas and what would surely be a disastrous reunion with EJ?

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Nothing pulls people together quite like adversity, and while Rafe’s doing his best to lock Lucas up, he’d be the perfect person for Sami to turn to to vent. They know and trust each other, and that’s something that would be in short supply for Sami after learning Lucas had pulled his best EJ impression in absolutely the worst way possible. And don’t hold your breath for a Sami and EJ reunion — not if he and Belle keep getting closer!

Plus, it’s exactly Sami and Rafe’s M.O. The two first fell for each other while Rafe was guarding Sami in witness protection. As Galen Gering noted in a recent issue of Soap Opera Digest, “Sami was his first experience in Salem.” The two of them, he added, “had the biggest connection, and she was probably the deepest of his relationships. It offered Rafe things he really wanted in his life with children. He was able to raise Sami’s kids and was deeply connected to them. He still is to this day.”

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There’s not just history between the two of them and the chance to bond in the face of adversity. There’s already a built-in family that they already know works. Possibly better than a relationship does… but only time will tell on that! The point is, we’re pretty sure Rafe and Sami have already started down the paths that will lead them to an inevitable collision. What do you think? Will the two of them end up back together? If not, who would you like to see them with?

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