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Will the supercouple find their way back to Salem?

When Days of Our Lives made the shocking decision to have Bo Brady die in the arms of true love Hope, we assumed the beloved pair had been separated forever. Then, Kristian Alfonso made the equally stunning decision to leave the soap she’d called home for decades, seemingly closing the door on even the notion of a future return.

But proving that miracles do occasionally happen, this summer will see Alfonso reunite with Peter Reckell on the second edition of the Days spinoff series, Beyond Salem. While few details are available, we know that five all-new episodes will hit the Peacock streaming service between July 11-15, with one going live each day.

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The original Beyond Salem took Salem residents all around the globe.

Credit: NBC

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As with the original episodes of Beyond Salem, which first hit Peacock in September of 2021, the latest batch promise to feature a slew of familiar faces (both past and present) who are brought together for an adventure which will span the globe. Among those who will be, according to a press release, “trading the comforts of home for [the] adventure of a lifetime” are John, Marlena, Steve, Kayla, Tripp, Gabi, Ciara, Ben and Li.

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Last time around, several different storylines were connected by gems stolen from the Alamanian government. While there have been no plot details released about this second outing, we’re told the plot will be connected to one very familiar to longtime Days viewers.

Of course, there are far bigger questions surrounding Bo and Hope’s return. Does this mean that reports of Bo’s death, like those involving so many of his friends and neighbors, were greatly exaggerated? Or might Peter Reckell’s alter ego be appearing in a more unconventional fashion, such as in dream sequences or perhaps as a hologram?

If Bo really is alive, might Beyond Salem serve as a springboard which will lead to Ciara’s parents returning on a longer-term basis to the mothership? At the very least, here’s hoping that Bo and Hope get a chance to meet their grandson… assuming Ben and Ciara manage to keep their as-yet-unborn child out of the devil’s clutches!

While we wait for further deets on Beyond Salem, join us in reliving the epic (and ultimately tragic) love story of Bo and Hope in the photo album below.