Gwen exposed at her wedding Days
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One wedding off, one to go.

In the latest Days of Our Lives preview for the week of April 18 -22, it’s Gwen and Leo’s big double wedding, but will either one say, “I do?” Read about the details and watch the latest preview below.

Gwen’s gone to great lengths over the past year to secure her relationship with Xander. Not only did she keep Kristen’s secret that Sarah was on some deserted DiMera island, but she later helped her kidnap her own sister Abigail who was onto the truth. When Sarah was rescued and thought she was Renee DuMonde, Chad went to Dr. Rolf to try and get the cure to the serum Sarah was injected with during her fight with Kristen which lead to her thinking she was the dead DiMera. Not wanting to lose Xander, Gwen then switched the cure for another dose of Dr. Rolf’s mind-altering drug, leaving Sarah thinking she was a little girl!

After all, she did, she finally convinced Xander he had no future with Sarah, and he agreed to go forward and marry Gwen. And when Gwen reconnected with her bestie Leo Stark, who is marrying Craig Wesley, they decided to have a double wedding. One wedding is trouble enough in Salem, but two is pushing one’s luck!

Jack returns to town to walk Gwen down the aisle and be there for his best mate Xander, but not if her sister can help it. Abigail crashes the wedding to take her half-sister down, revealing Gwen knew Sarah was alive all along. Jack is stunned, Gwen tells her sister to go to hell, and Xander tells Gwen she is the worst person he’s ever known.

With Gwen’s wedding clearly canceled, what could go wrong for Leo and Craig? And they say payback is a bitch, so we can’t help but wonder how Gwen will retaliate.

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