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“Oh, what a terrible situation to be in!”

With Days of Our Lives‘ Sarah lost (supposedly) forever, Xander finally bit the bullet and proposed to Gwen! It was more of an inevitability than a romantic gesture after Sarah’s regression to childhood. And it was more than a bit sad after watching Xander’s realization that he’d never be with Sarah, along with the scraps of affection he’s been throwing at Gwen while he’s been focused on his ex’s return.

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Xander clearly loves Sarah more, but Gwen’s still been doing everything she can to keep her beau by her side. So has there ever been any doubt as to what Gwen’s answer would be, no matter how much Xander’s attention had wandered? When Paul Telfer spoke with Soaps.com, the answer was no.

Much of Xander’s identity, Telfer says, is rooted in his need to be welcomed into the Kiriakis family. And Gwen, he says, is “kind of the same. She’s a rudderless, lost family member. She’s just trying to scrape together her identity. They just glom on to each other. It’s not the healthiest relationship, but it makes total sense to me.”

Still, all things considered, it’s a healthier relationship than trying to make it work with a woman who’s suffered worsening brain damage and thinks she’s a child. As far as Xander knows, Gwen is the right choice. He genuinely loves her, they had a solid relationship before Sarah returned and with no path forward with his ex, why not move on with his current girlfriend?

“I think in terms of who he actually is, in a lot ways Gwen is a better fit,” Telfer admits. “Gwen’s not trying to change him. Gwen’s not trying to make him be anything other than who he is.”

“Xander clearly already knows all about the bad things that Gwen’s done,” he continues. “But compared to the things that he’s done and that other people in town have done, it’s no big deal!”

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“Ladies, ladies! One at a time! Or not…”

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Well, he thought he knew all the bad things she’s done! Switching out Sarah’s antidote and making her condition worse is probably getting a little personal for Xander. Even Ava was taken aback when she found out what Gwen had done. But then again, Xander’s done some pretty horrible things to Sarah, and she forgave him, so would he really have much to stand on with Gwen?

“Xander’s not super judgmental for the most part,” explains the actor, but “he calls out hypocrisy. That was one of the things that I really used to enjoy. He’d just come in and read everybody for filth. He’d be like ‘You did this, you did that. You can’t say boo to me or anybody else, because you’re no better.’”

Everyone’s horrible, Xander included. He’s well aware that he’s not a good person and he’s ruthlessly destroyed plenty of lives of his own.

“It’s this notion that people in town are good, or people in town are bad” says Telfer. “It’s like, ‘No, you’re all bad! You’re all scum like me!’ So, Gwen sees in him a lot of that.” In that way, they’re very similar and have a lot in common. “You’re like ‘OK, it makes sense them being together.’ Aside from anything else that’s going on in the plot.”

So when the truth comes out about what Gwen did, Xander certainly would not just shrug and move on, but ultimately, it may not be a deal-breaker.

“Gwen, like Xander, is incredibly needy and craving of any kind of affection,” Telfer notes. If anyone could understand a desperate, dangerous, underhanded attempt to hold onto love, it’s Xander.

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Of course, whether or not they’re the better fit, that doesn’t mean that they can last if the truth comes out and Sarah comes back to reality. Even if he can eventually forgive Gwen in some way, the three would be in for a rollercoaster ride. With that said, Telfer doesn’t necessarily want them to return to the love triangle — or maybe we should say start a love triangle, since Gwen and Sarah have never really gotten the chance to interact yet!

Instead, the Scotsman says, “I selfishly really hope that the association of the two characters could continue. Maybe Sarah tortures Gwen a little bit, maybe Gwen tortures Sarah a little bit. And then, Xander’s always stuck in the middle, poor guy!”

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