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“The good thing is… ”

Sal Stowers knows all too well the truth in the saying about us being our own harshest critics. Though she’s talented and lovely — and knocking it out of the park as Days of Our Lives’ Lani — she isn’t always able to give herself the credit that she’s due.

Over the weekend, the actress shared on Instagram that “I’ve been learning a lot lately about myself. For example, I am extremely hard on myself, and I can sometimes be my own mental punching bag.

“It makes me really sad to admit that,” she added.


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But the first step toward solving a problem is simply knowing that there is one. So “the good thing is that I am aware of it,” she said, “and working every day to give myself grace, self-compassion and love like I have never done before.”

Hopefully, helping Stowers along her journey is the fact that she knows how to psych herself up. Just look at the workout video she shared below back in February. “Your dream is on the other side of fear,” she captioned it. “This right here is for me and anyone else who needs a little motivation.


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“Sometimes,” she continued, “you have to be your own inspiration, dig deep inside, find your strength, grab your power back and let that inner badass out!”

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