Jan Spears is Pregnant Days
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Chad procures a cure for Sarah, but will it work?

In the latest Days of Our Lives preview for the week of April 4 – 8, Belle and Shawn’s lives are about to be turned upside down. Read about the details and watch the latest preview below.

Thanks to an accidental injection of Rolf’s magic serum, and then reading Renee DuMonde’s diary, Sarah is convinced she is Renee. Maggie and Tony have been trying to play along as best they can until a cure is found, and last week Chad headed to see Rolf in prison to procure one.

This week, Sarah maintains to Abigail that her name is Renee DuMonde. Meanwhile, an as usual shirtless Xander tries to get through to her. Hey “Renee,” we know he’s hot, but his eyes are up there. When Chad arrives at the hospital with the cure, Maggie, “Renee,”  Xander and Anna are waiting. Maggie wonders if the cure is safe, but before that can be deduced, Anna grabs it and injects it into Sarah’s arm!

Back in Statesville, after speaking with EJ and revealing that while “possessed,” she was the one who framed him for kidnapping Sami. Of course, we know Lucas did it, and Belle never was actually possessed, it was all trickery from JoDevil. While there she also runs into a very pregnant Jan Spears. Jan hopes this won’t be a problem, and Belle is forced to tell Shawn that Jan is pregnant with his child after their one-night stand thanks to MarDevil transforming Jan into Belle to trick him.

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