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Venturing outside your comfort zone is a good thing, she insists. 

Days of Our Lives‘ has been good at throwing curveballs in recent years — some welcome, others not so much — but one of the biggest, and possibly most controversial, has to be Chanel and Allie’s relationship. Raven Bowen is well aware of the fact that her character’s sexual fluidity and exploration with Allie is probably making people uncomfortable. But that, she insisted on a recent episode of Soap Opera Digest’s podcast, is a good thing.

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She didn’t flinch when the Days of Our Lives first mentioned taking Chanel in this direction, even though, she says, that wasn’t a part of the character back when she first tried out for her. In fact, Bowens said, she was a bit confused as to why people kept asking her if she was OK with it. Why wouldn’t she be?

“As artists,” she noted, “I feel like its our responsibility to show all walks of life and to give voice to the voiceless.”

“I know what a range of audiences that this reaches,” she continued. And she knows that “not everybody is comfortable with it. To be able to place it in the homes of people who, maybe it makes them a little uncomfortable is really an honor and a privilege because I feel like it’s necessary. I feel like inclusion is mandatory.”

Sitting on the couch, Chanel and Allie lean in for a kiss on Days of Our Lives

Of course, now that spoilers seem to be hinting that Johnny may soon be free of his devilish influence as Allie helps him try to shake it off, who knows where things may head next. Chanel flew into Allie’s arms after her husband unceremoniously dumped her. And his meddling then cost Allie Tripp.

When everything’s said and done, will they stay with each other or go back with the men who left them? That’s probably just as hard to guess for the characters as it is for us.

Chanel and Allie are two young women figuring things out as they go, dealing with confusing and new emotions. At times they’re probably just as confused — if not more so! — as the audience watching them. But maybe, Bowen suggests, discovering and learning about new things gets easier if we’re all in it together.

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“If you already love Days,” she said, and aren’t comfortable with sexually fluid people “and you see this character, and if you develop an affinity there, then I feel like maybe it opens your heart and your mind to someone in the street that you see.”

Is it really such a bad thing to approach folks with more love and empathy? Bowens certainly doesn’t think so.

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