Stacy Haiduk, susan banks, kristen dimera
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

She worked hard for the money.

In her nearly forty years in showbiz, Days of Our Lives‘ Stacy Haiduk has practically played it all. And that’s not counting tackling Kristen, Susan and, years before she joined the show fulltime, warden Jane Smith! The actress has done everything from superheroics to Star Wars voices, but there’s one role we only just discovered her in: Dancer!

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When superfan QueenOfDiMeras tweeted a compilation video of Haiduk dancing in ’80s music videos, the actress laughingly retweeted it and wrote, “1986. How I paid my bills in NYC! Doing music videos!”

The Year of the Music Videos (yes, we just made that up like it’s a real thing) predated Haiduk’s big break as Clark Kent’s high school sweetheart in CBS’ Superboy. Before that, the actress was just a normal gal, living a normal life, taking some out of control aerobics classes and doing some desperately needed laundry. Poor woman had to strip down in the laundromat to get all her clothes in.

Watch the video below and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about!

All jokes aside, we never realize the actress had those kinds of moves. Not that it surprises us one bit!

Naturally, we had to do some digging to find out more. The laundromat scene is apparently from a movie called Magic Sticks, wherein a man finds, as you might imagine, some magic sticks that can make folks dance uncontrollably. If you can track the film down, it’s crazy enough to be worth a viewing!

And apparently Haiduk could dance and sing, because that’s her as a background singer in Laura Branigan’s music video for “Shattered Glass!” (Yes, we do have some Branigan superfans on staff here who instantly recognized that clip.)

Check out the whole glorious thing below!

Haiduk’s certainly come a long way from the days of big hair and big dance numbers! Now, of course, she’s firmly entrenched as a member of the DiMera clan, playing both Stefano’s adopted daughter and EJ’s mother. So before heading out, how about taking a look at a gallery of the DiMera’s twisted family tree? Kristen DiMera’s so unique, she makes the list not once, but twice!