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We’ve all been there, buddy.

You know how good it feels to have some time off from the job, how relaxing and stressless and freeing it is? So does Days of Our Lives MVP Robert Scott Wilson. So he also knows what it’s like when you’ve got to report for duty once more.

Deep sigh.

On March 17, Ben’s portrayer shared to Instagram that he was “pulling up to work after a three-week hiatus” — and dropped a series of photos to jokingly illustrate his response. In the first, his character looks flummoxed as Eve was about to begin her 2020 torture sessions. In the next, the actor is clad only in Ben’s boxer briefs as his alter ego…

Mm. Not sure what he’s up to there, actually. Struggling to stand under the weight of his own handsomeness? Looking for shirts in all the wrong places?

Image No. 3 shows Ben looking winded after practicing the Necktie Killer’s strangulation technique. And in the last picture, he’s showing off not only an enviable jawline but a busted lip.


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So yeah, it’s rough when vaca is over. But on the plus side, we have it on good authority that Wilson and his Salem family have a pretty good time behind the scenes — and we, too, have the pictures to prove it. Just look below at our photo gallery of the Days of Our Lives cast having a laugh (or 10) at work.