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Credit: John Paschal/JPI

“Treasure every moment… stay in the moment… Life is now.”

We want to pass along a very special message from Days of Our Lives alum Cady McClain (ex-Jennifer). The Daytime Emmy Award-winning actress shared a beautiful photo on Instagram with her best friend to celebrate not only Ronda but to ask fans for their prayers. She “needs all your prayers, light and love energy to help her through her battle with cancer.”

McClain went on to express, “Ronda is one powerful being,” and stated that “her philosophy of kindness is one I pass on to you.” The philosophy in question is simply to “be kind.” The former daytime star reminded that “it can make a huge difference in anyone’s life” and reflected back on her 30-year friendship with Ronda, “Her kindness to me has certainly made a huge difference in mine.”

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Back in February, McClain posted a photo, filled with gratitude, from inside her vehicle and shared, “Thank you, L.A., for a beautiful day.” Just the sun shining upon us is something we should all stop and appreciate during this trying time in the world. Again, she talked about how Ronda taught her “to treasure every moment, to stay in the moment, and to really appreciate those moments. Life is now.” In noting how much good there is around us to appreciate, she wished fans “the peace of those kinds of moments, now… and now… and now…”

Everyone at sends their very best to Ronda as she continues to fight this battle.

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