Bryan Dattilo returns to Days
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Warning: The following material may be triggering to readers who have experienced or are experiencing trauma.

While Days of Our Lives’ Lucas is off galavanting with his ex-turned-captive-turned-current love, Sami, his portrayer Bryan R. Dattilo has been delving into the paranormal. As he lays out on his new podcast, Conspiracies Inc., the actor plans to tackle, “The alien conspiracy… the alien cover-up… the alien controversy. Everything alien, we’re gonna tackle this first season.”

And that includes his own alien abduction.

As Dattilo explained to Soap Opera Digest, his experience with the paranormal goes back to the house he grew up in. There, he had a premonition of a murder, saw his mother astral-project and witnessed a John Lennon album flip up when the musician died.

While the actor has been researching the topic since his early teens, perhaps his most impactful experience occurred just as he was cast on Days of Our Lives. Serving as the basis for the second episode of his podcast, Dattilo undergoes hypnosis to better remember the abduction he believes happened at that time in 1993.

Under the direction of Yvonne Smith, whom Dattilo cites as a top hypnotherapist regarding alien abduction, a tear immediately streams down his face as he begins progressive relaxation. While closed, his eyes rapidly blink, as he says, “I’m scared.”

From there, things grow more intense. We caution you before watching the episode, as it could be a trigger for those who have experienced or are experiencing trauma.

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Under hypnosis, Dattilo details being led away from his bedroom. He sees a light above and senses static all around him. When asked to describe the beings he’s with, he grows emotional and says, “I don’t want to look at them.” Ultimately, he identifies them as Grey aliens.

When prompted by Smith, Dattilo describes the terrible stench he encounters, the sterileness of a room he’s brought to, and a doctor-like being who pokes and prods him. “I feel really sad,” he says at one point. “I feel mad and angry. I feel violated. I feel like they’re playing God. I feel like they’re controlling my life.”

Dattilo further describes kids who “don’t look totally human” that are eager to be around him. When asked why they want to be with him, he says, “Because I’m their dad. They want to be with me. They miss me.”

After more exploration and being brought out of hypnosis, Dattilo says, “I already feel like I’m not crazy. I feel like I know what happened. It scares me more now because it’s more real, but at the same time, I know I didn’t make that up.”

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Upon noting the expressions of people from behind the scenes, Dattilo breaks the tension by saying with a chuckle, “That’s what it’s like doing hypnosis, kids. Do your homework. Make sure you’re ready.”

Despite him quipping, “I don’t know how I’m going to top this,” Dattilo indicated to Soap Opera Digest that future episodes of Conspiracy Inc. will feature interviews with leading paranormal experts. He’ll even talk with his mother, Peggy Dattilo who was a reporter and editor for The National Enquirer and held seances and past-life regressions in their home.

We don’t know if Days of Our Lives would ever incorporate an alien abduction into Lucas’ storyline, but there are plenty of other soap actors whose real lives bled into their reel lives. Just look through our photo gallery below.

Video credit: Conspiracies Inc. Podcast/YouTube