Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI (2), NBC

Carson Boatman is “still not sure it was worth it.”

We’ve all been there. Somebody says, “Hey, let’s get a photo of you playing the tuba in the bathtub,” and we go along with it.

OK, maybe it wasn’t the tuba for everybody. And maybe there was no bathtub, either. But we go along with it. And so did Days of Our Lives’ Carson Boatman, he shared on March 12. Describing the beachy incident, he Instagrammed a kind of transcript of how it went down. “Let’s get a picture of me in the hammock in the middle of this rainstorm! It’ll be funny!”

He was right about that. In the series of images that followed, Johnny’s portrayer is seeing doing his darnedest to situate himself in a hammock as his drink got watered down by Mother Nature. Eventually, though, by golly, he managed to get positioned just right. As an added bonus, his glass was so rain-soaked, nobody had to remind him to hydrate.

“Seven minutes of failed attempts later,” Boatman laughed, “a rain-filled margarita, and still not sure it was worth it.

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At least it was worth it to his Days of Our Lives co-stars, who had a good time ribbing him. Dan Feurriegel (EJ) cracked, “That’s my coordinated son.” Paul Telfer (Xander) chuckled that Boatman was “living the dream.” And Kyler Pettis (ex-Theo), using only emojis, laughed and laughed.

While you’re here, perhaps wondering how long that series of pics will leave a grin on your face, check out the below images. It’s the 2022 cast of the NBC soap in a series of lovely portraits.