Three photo collage of Days of Our Lives' Leo, Craig, and Nancy
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Viewers sound off on the controversial decision to break up Craig and Nancy.

Fans were thrilled when Craig and Nancy returned to Days of Our Lives. They were less thrilled when it was revealed the couple was brought back only to break up.

One of the biggest complaints fans have taken with the story is that Craig coming out as gay ruins the legacy of ‘Crancy.’ Not only was the couple’s love for each other obvious in the 90s, they were always played as attracted to each other. So, Craig’s claims of putting his feelings for men aside to marry Nancy ring false for many viewers.

In addition, as Amber Love summed up on Tik Tok, when “representation couple” Nancy and Craig were together in the 90s, “A lot of people didn’t see big beautiful women ending up with the most handsome guy. Especially in soap operas.”

Therefore, many fans consider the latest twist not only a rewriting of history, but a slap in the face to the groundbreaking nature of the coupling.

Considering Leo has been written as an over-the-top scheming harasser since day one, other viewers take issue with who Craig is breaking Nancy’s heart for — and the tone the story is taking.

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However, there are those who sympathize with Leo and even support a more non-traditional relationship between Nancy, Craig, and Leo.

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Then, there’s John’s point of view, which brings a whole new layer to the story. A layer some fans seem to support, considering John did witness a more wounded, vulnerable side to Leo when they thought they were father and son. So, while Brady was perplexed over his dad jumping to Leo’s defense, some fans were not.

As the spoilers indicate, there is a lot more ahead for this storyline. But before we get there, tell us where you land on the Nancy/Craig/Leo debate. Then, look through our photo gallery below of soaps’ most memorable love triangles.