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What in the world could he mean?

“WilSon” are back on Days of Our Lives this week and Sonny’s new portrayer Zach Tinker wasted no time in teasing fans about the upcoming storyline. We know the show announced the boys’ return the same time as Leo’s, so it was clear from the start that their storyline would be intertwined. And how could it not be with Leo having been obsessed with Sonny since he first arrived in Salem?

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But what if it’s a bit more than that this time around?

“You have no idea what’s coming up,” Tinker tweeted.

That’s a pretty standard tease, right? Well, it would be, but we couldn’t help but notice the devil emoji at the end of that tweet. Under normal circumstances, we’d just take it as a mischievous little sign, but with the actual devil having been running around in Salem for months, it’s looking more than a little suspicious.

We know, we know, the devil schtick is wearing thin, but maybe they have one last hurrah planned to finally send him out with a bang that’ll at least be a blast to watch.

Is it coincidence that Sonny and Will are coming back the same week folks seem to finally be catching on to JoDevil? Or that Leo returned as Craig’s new beau after Johnny got more than a little flirty with the doc? Sure, maybe it was just to cause a little extra havoc by upsetting Chloe, but maybe the devil had something greater in mind.

Satan’s plots seem far from over, but his time using Johnny as a cover looks to be wrapping up. Once that happens it’s exorcism time again. So, what’s an enterprising devil to do? Time for another body jump!

We’ve seen Johnny fight back against the devil, and you have to think that maybe his initial chaos was tempered by Marlena’s innate goodness — but what happens if he jumps into someone less… scrupulous? Someone like Leo? It could be a match made in hell, where for once the devil doesn’t have to worry about splitting his time between enacting his plans and fighting with his hosts.

Leo’s been slowly swinging more, well, not towards the side of the angels, but towards a relatively normal sleaze, rather than the blackmailing attempted murderer he used to be. But his morals are still questionable at best, and willingly teaming up with the devil could be his ticket to everything he wanted, from Xander to Sonny. And maybe some cash.

Admittedly, he has a pretty short list, but those types of desires are safely in the devil’s wheelhouse, so why wouldn’t he go along for the ride? Will and Sonny are already going to be doing their best this week to get Craig to turn on his new beau, so you can imagine they’d be right in LeDevil’s crosshairs.

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Maybe he’d even try to finish what Leo started on his own when he strangled Will. Heck, could he actually spell the end for the happy couple? (Hopefully with no death!)

No matter what his plans are, we can’t help but worry that a Leo/Devil team up means grave danger for the returned fellas — though honestly, we have a feeling an unleashed Leo would be fun on a whole new level.

What do you think? Is the devil about to make one last jump before he goes down? Would Leo welcome him with open arms?

Either way, we’re sure his, Will and Sonny’s returns are sure to be a blast! And if you’re worried about “WilSon,” maybe take a look at a gallery of their relationship through the years before heading out. It’ll surely help put your heart at ease, as these two have been able to survive almost anything!