A Hollywood moment with a real-life soapy twist — plus 68 stars who got their start in daytime.

When we watch actors perform we often don’t think about how it must have been when they first started out in the business. We surely don’t initially think about all of the times they must have been rejected. Well, one big name Hollywood actor recently revealed just that — with a soapy twist!

William Baldwin, who happens to have three other famous brothers in the business, will always be remembered for his sexy roles in such films as Silver and Backdraft, plus, who could forget him as Patrick in the series Dirty Sexy Money, just to name a few. However, did you know that he once auditioned for Days of Our Lives?

In sharing one of his “Hollywood Moments,” Baldwin explained that early in his career he was going on “lots and lots of meetings and auditions with casting directors, directors, producers, writers, show runners… and studio and network executives.”

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It was his second audition that landed him a big film Born on the Fourth of July, starring Tom Cruise. But as he stated, “Not all of my auditions went that well.”

When he was submitted to read for Days of Our Lives, Baldwin wasn’t even sure if he wanted to do a soap opera but was “willing to take any and every audition and meeting” early in his career. He really wanted to gain as much experience in the room as possible in order to “get over the butterflies and try to make an impression on anybody in the business.” So, he decided “to go for it.”

And there was a neat soapy twist… “Ironically… I was reading to play the love interest of Ivy Jannings.” Longtime fans will recall that the character was played by Holly Gagnier, who at the time was the real life fiancée of his brother Alec. “We were friends and spent a good amount of time together palling around NYC.”

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Here’s where things get even soapier… the breakdown of the audition for the part read: Alec Baldwin type. “They were actually looking for an Alec Baldwin type and it was to play the part of the love interest of my brother Alec’s real life fiancée… Holly Garnier.”

In rating his own audition, Baldwin admitted, “To be kind… let’s just say I stunk up the room so bad that I didn’t even get a call back.” He further explained that in the weeks that followed his agent, brother and “the lovely Holly Gagnier never mentioned a word to me about how I did. It just disappeared and was never mentioned again as if it never happened.”

In closing out his post, he gave a recap of his Hollywood Moment:

1. I went on an audition for a soap opera.
2. I was reading for a part to star opposite my brother’s fiancée… Holly Gagnier.
3. The prototype on the breakdown for the audition was: Alec Baldwin type.
4. I didn’t even get a call back.
5. Repeat… I didn’t even get a call back.

We bet the outcome would be very different if Baldwin auditioned for a role on the NBC soap today!

Even though daytime didn’t work out for Baldwin, it did for one of his other brothers. Look through our gallery below featuring photos of 68 stars who got their start on soaps. You might be surprised by a few!