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The mother/son bond is a fan-favorite.

Love runs deep between family members on soap operas — biologically related or not. Just ask Days of Our Lives’ Marlena and her step-son Brady. While it might not have always been smooth sailing, there’s no questioning the love these two have for each other now. Their love goes so deep, one fan recently posted a tribute to it on Twitter. A post that got the actors’ attention.

Brady hugs Marlena on Days of our Lives

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Twitter user, DaysFan honored Marlena and Brady’s beloved relationship by posting side-by-side videos of the duo on Twitter.

In the first clip, a young 1997-era Brady (played by twins Eric and Brandon Billings) tells Marlena he loves her. Proof their bond extends beyond her relationship with his father, this was during a period when John and Marlena were separated and John was with Kristen. Little did anyone know, Brady would grow up to have his own relationship, and child, with his dad’s ex, but, we digress. In the scene, Marlena, picks Brady up for a hug and says, “I will always love you.”

That has proven to be the case, as is driven home in the second clip. After a 2020-era Brady (played by Eric Martsolf) took a bullet to save Marlena, from Steveano (a.k.a. Steve implanted with Stefano’s essence), he tells his step-mother, “You’ve never treated me like anything other than a son. You’re my mom, and I love you.”

In response to the memories, Deidre Hall retweeted the post with the caption, “Never knew I’d love him more 25 years later.”

Of course, Eric Martsolf chimed in with own comment — a blue heart emoji and the hashtag, TVMom — and the fans had their say, as well. From a simple, “Love this,” to, “The fans demand more Brady and Marlena scenes,” they made it known the relationship is a special one.

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Fans could see their wish come to fruition, what with Nancy confiding in Marlena about her marriage, and Brady helping Chloe deal with Craig leaving her mother to date Leo, of all people. Add in the fact that Brady is living at John and Marlena’s, and it’s not too far out of the realm of possibility that mother and son could unite to help the Wesley family.

As we await more Marlena/Brady scenes, look through our photo gallery below of Hall, Martsolf, and more soap stars with their real-life children.