Johnny busts Allie and Chanel Days
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Tripp’s romantic proposal becomes Allie’s worst nightmare.

In the latest Days of Our Lives preview for the week of February 28 – March 4, even his own sister is not immune to JoDevil’s tricks. Read about the details and watch the latest preview below.

After Marlena’s exorcism, Johnny came down with what he thought was a simple cold. He had no idea the devil had jumped into him. The newly married Johnny, while celebrating ringing in 2022 with his wife Chanel, turned around and dumped her in the middle of the festivities. Broken-hearted Chanel leaned on her best friend Allie for comfort, and well, they ended up in bed together.

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Tripp meanwhile has been living on cloud nine believing he and Allie are in a great place. He’s been planning to propose for a while now, even asking Roman for permission seeing that Sami and Lucas are out of town. And though Chanel’s mother spied the young women in bed together, she tried to stay out of their business. Chanel and Allie meanwhile attempted to put the night behind them and focus on their bakery.

This week, Tripp finally opened up to his mother Ava that he was going to propose to Allie that evening. Unfortunately while later chatting with Allie about love and Rafe’s betrayal with Nicole, Ava let it slip what Tripp was planning.

In next week’s preview, Tripp finally proposes to Allie, but her evil twin, and we do mean evil, crashes the moment. JoDevil asks if Allie ever told Tripp that she slept with his wife. Make that soon-to-be-ex-wife as Chanel served him with papers. Tripp was aware of their past and that they shared a kiss, but not that it went any further.

Kate comes to her grandaughter’s defense and asks Tripp if he can find a way to forgive Allie, who swears she loves him and it was a mistake.

What do you think Days fans? Should Tripp forgive her, or is Chanel who Allie should really be with? Or after the devil is finally chased out of Salem for good, are you still team Johnny and Chanel?

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