John holds Marlena as they sit on the couch. Days of Our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

“You saved me. And thanks to you, the devil is gone.” Well, Marlena got part of that right.

The aftermath of Marlena’s possession on Days of Our Lives has largely focused on Johnny’s possession. While the devil jumping from Marlena’s body to Johnny’s is a huge story, Marlena’s atonement has largely felt like an afterthought. Marlena did face a couple of MarDevil’s victims onscreen, but her apology tour has skipped over a few others. However, a recently released deleted scene corrects that — at least for one of MarDevil’s victims.

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The scene, seemingly from a New Year’s Eve episode, opens with Marlena in John’s arms, stating, “I still can’t believe all the people that I love that I hurt.”

Marlena didn’t intentionally cause that hurt herself, but the devil did use her body to wreak havoc on those nearest and dearest to her. And she feels terrible about it.

She pretty quickly made amends with Ben and Ciara for the devil trying to take their baby, and later with Paulina regarding her ruined wedding to Abe. It was certainly deserved on both accounts, but there are a few other victims who would probably appreciate acknowledgment, as well.

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One of those victims did get the apology he deserved — it just didn’t make it to air.

Most of what viewers saw of “Jarlena” after the exorcism was John hovering over his wife. It was sweet and all, but the devil, as Marlena, tormented the man who dedicated himself to saving his wife. MarDevil even tried to have Susan seduce him while in Kristen’s form. A conversation was certainly warranted after all that.

“I held you captive,” Marlena reminds him in the clip. “I tormented you.”

Of course, John understood it was “the work of the devil,” and a lot of their dialogue in the scene is just rehashing what viewers saw on air. However, the cut scenes of “Jarlena” expressing their love and anguish over recent events, feel like necessary closure between this beloved legacy couple and their trauma.

At least some of that was worth exploring on-air for faithful viewers’ own closure, no?

What do you think? Should this emotional beat have been part of an episode? Tell us below and then look through our photo gallery of John and Marlena’s many weddings below.