Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI (3), NBC

We never saw this one coming, that’s for sure.

Days of Our Lives’ Steve and Kayla as well as viewers are in for a shock when the NBC soap resumes airing new episodes this week following its Olympics hiatus. (Catch up on where the storylines all left off here.) When Sarah happens upon the couple in the bunker, she reveals that she’s in love with Tony, Soap Opera Digest reports.

Come again? Tony? Tony DiMera? That Tony?

Yep, that’s the one. But it makes sense — well, a kind of weird, warped sense — when Sarah then tells the Johnsons that she’s Renee DuMonde. Yes, the same Renee DuMonde who was Stefano’s daughter and the same Renee DuMonde who had just reunited with soulmate Tony in 1984 when she was murdered by his lookalike Andre, aka the Salem Slasher.

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“What gives?” you ask? As luck would have it, Abigail has the same question for Kristen, who explains that after drugging Sarah to keep her from revealing her charade as Susan, Xander’s fiancée was… er, not quite herself. To ease the confused young woman through the trauma, Kristen “gave her a wonderful diary to read — Renee DuMonde’s diary,” Stacy Haiduk told the magazine. “Sarah read into it however she needed to read into it.

“That,” she added. “became her journey.”

How will this bonkers scenario play out? We’ll find out this week. In the meantime, refresh your memory on Renee — and all of Stefano’s offspring — with the below photo gallery of the devil’s spawn.