Spy cam in the flowers? Poison? (Soaps.com)

These are the “Days” of my week for December 14-18:

What a week. The big reveal came in good timing, we saw Stefano telling the truth, Vivian stepped up her schemes, and we created the name Ejari, for a possible new pairing of EJ and Arianna. The week went off well, I thought. Let’s break it down.

Stefano was a wreck this week, unlike his usual self. I think it’s genuine. We all know he loves Sydney, and I don’t find it believable that Anna DiMera – the kidnapper- would work for Stefano, her sworn enemy, unless he was giving her something big in return. (She seems to have taken a liking to the tyke, which is a little scary for Sami and EJ’s sake.) Maybe Stefano has promised to bring Tony back to life as he did John Black! (You never know!) I’m up for it!

Both Stefano and Victor are getting older and though they’re still great villains, we’re starting to see their sentimental side. Does that mean EJ’s involved in the kidnapping and not his father? Stefano did say he had nothing to do with the kidnapper while he was on truth serum so does that mean EJ would have instead of kidnapped Syd in order to bring her back to Sami and play Rafe’s part of the hero for a change? Or… is it somebody else, altogether that we’re not even considering? Some might see Kate as a suspect. Perhaps she wants to see Stefano dead, so she can take all that’s coming to her.

I cringed this week during Stefano and Sami’s wee quarrel. Not a fan of Sami and Stefano in the same room, but it did change the way Stefano looks at EJ even more. Family “loyalty” is the most important thing to Stefano and is supposed to be the most important thing to a DiMera. EJ’s now on his poop list, making me wonder why Lexi isn’t involved in this a little more. I almost forgot that she still loves her brother. Aside from her, EJ only has Johnny and when they find her, Sydney. Even Nicole has turned away from him as she grows stronger, realizing that their relationship wasn’t healthy.

Normally, I would wonder why the heck Rafe, who isn’t a police officer or FBI, was helping Salem PD find Nicole and Sydney, but I really couldn’t be happier about it. He’s better at being a cop than any on the Salem PD, so does this mean once Sydney is found, they’ll hire him? Because he has something else to do aside from sit on Sami’s sofa and make out with her, I’m enjoying his scenes and surprisingly, Safe scenes aren’t making me snore anymore. Bradianna has taken over in that department.

Bradianna’s on again, off again romance is starting to wear on me. I no longer have interest in the pairing of these two. I am curious as to what could happen between Ari and EJ. I’m a little disappointed that some of the writing for these two on the pier was similar to Ejami’s writing. Bad boy meets bad girl turned good, bad boy spars with said girl, bad boy gets off on it and bad boy makes bad girl turned good feel compassion for him by choking up over bad boy’s kidnapped daughter. Yawn. Still, I’d rather they got together than the alternative, which is wondering whether or not Save is the future or Ejami is the future or… suddenly, with Lucas’ return, whether or not Lumi should get back together. It all makes my head spin. I asked Ejami fans if they were worried about EJ spending time with Ari, but one fan explained it’ll only make Sami jealous and maybe she’ll show that side of her to EJ, therefore, giving Ejami an opening to reunite. I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s a good point. I figured if they were going to be written as a couple again, the baby bonding would be the catalyst. Whatever happened to Dena Higley’s promise to Ejami fans that they’d be ‘endgame’ in 2009? Way to piss off fans.