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Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

When a man is in love with two women there’s no telling which one will win out in the end.

Fans have been waiting patiently for Days of Our Lives to return after the Winter Olympics and with that moment right around the corner, we have a sneak peek that you won’t want to miss. The NBC soap shared a preview and teased, “Will Xander be forced to choose between two Valentines?”

In the video, Paul Telfer, posed as his character Xander, sighed and professed, “Gwen Rizczech is the love of my life,” then continued, “Sarah Horton was the love of my life but out of nowhere she dumped me and left town for good.”

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However, viewers were privy to a very different story — one involving Kristen kidnapping Sarah and stashing her away on a DiMera island. Now, the time has come and Xander is about to get a life-changing phone call from Jack, who reveals, “The woman that broke up with you was Kristen is a Sarah mask.”

And Xander’s reaction is simply priceless! After he composes himself, he asks, “Bollocks… now what do I do?”

But the shock value doesn’t stop there… as he races out the door of the Salem Inn, he comes face to face with Sarah — but is it the real Sarah? Only time with tell!

Be sure to tune in when Days of Our Lives returns next Monday, February 21. Until then, relive some of Xarah’s rollercoaster romance — from the high drama to their screwball comedic moments — in the photo gallery below.