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For Gwen’s portrayer, Valentine’s Day was as much about catnip as chocolate.

You could say that Emily O’Brien fell in love on Valentine’s Day 2016. Not in the way that results in deliveries of long-stemmed roses or passionate poetry showing up in the mail, though. The character with whom she became enamored is likelier to make himself comfortable in her lap or purr sweetly in her ear.

“Six years ago today, we rescued this little three-legged street kitty and named him Valentine,” Instagrammed the Days of Our Lives leading lady. “He has had an incredible journey.

“Today is his ‘birthday,'” she added. “Our little Valentine… ”


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As you can see in the then-and-now photos that O’Brien shared, the sweet furball has indeed come a long way and now appears to be not only the portrait of health but is a right polished and handsome fella to boot.

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Speaking of good-looking gents… the actress couldn’t help but sigh recently over her Days of Our Lives alter ego’s decision to get engaged to Xander. “London in a snow globe shall do, and how about someone else’s engagement ring?” she mused. “Yet she still said yes… Oh dear, Gwen… ”


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Yeah, that about sums it up. And you just know the fit is gonna hit the shan when the schemer’s newly minted fiancé finally winds up face to face with the real Sarah. “Oh dear, Gwen” times 100!

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