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“Momma Char, you’re an original.”

“Today is a special day,” began Linsey Godfrey’s February 12 Instagram post. “Today is my momma’s 70th birthday! She is officially retired and about to come stay with [my 7-year-old daughter] Aleda and me for at least a month.

“I was telling Aleda I was 18 the last time I got that much time with my momma,” she added. “I couldn’t be more excited!”

Once the Days of Our Lives leading lady described her mom, we could certainly understand why. Heck, we were excited for her! “Let me tell you about this woman,” said Sarah’s portrayer. “Momma Char is why I am who I am today. My mom spent our entire lives telling us we were special and there wasn’t anyone else in the world just like us. ‘Isn’t that special?’ she would say.

“This woman shaved her head when I was going through chemo so I wouldn’t feel alone,” she continued. “She has been at the birth of all four of her grandchildren.”

She also taught Godfrey the power of a good chuckle. “My mom fostered our sense of humor and encouraged our individual personalities. My mom taught us to laugh at ourselves and never take things too serious,” she said. “There is already so much seriousness in the world. She taught us to take the joke when we see it.

“Also, if you get her the right kind of tipsy, she pulls out a pretty stellar running man,” she went on before concluding. “Happy birthday, Momma Char, you’re an original. I love the shit out of you, you lifetime babe!”

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