Will and Sonny return to Days NBC
Credit: NBC screenshot

We’ve got some good news and some bad news.

In the latest Days of Our Lives preview for when the NBC soap returns after the Winter Olympics, two fan favorites are headed back to Salem. Read about the details and watch the latest preview below.

Billy Flynn, who plays Chad DiMera, teases what’s in store when the NBC soap opera returns on February twenty-first. He previews that two of his closest friends are coming home to Salem. Of course, that would be Sonny and Will. However, with good news, there is also bad news, and that would be Leo Stark is also headed back!

Chad notes while the audience is free to like Leo, he thinks he’s a tool. Well, that’s a PG way of putting it! The camera then pans to a shot of Will and Sonny giving Leo the cold shoulder as they encounter one another. In the next scene, Will and Sonny are advising Chad that in order to exploit Leo’s weaknesses, they first have to understand them. Chad wonders how they propose they do that, and Wilson sport huge grins on their faces leaving Chad seemingly confused.

Fans will recall Leo had a big thing for Sonny, even if he did help Kate try and screw him over with a sexual harassment lawsuit. Of course, Leo also carried a torch for Xander, and even tried to coerce him into bed. Naturally, Xander played him like a fiddle.

leo and xander in bed

Why is Leo back? We’ve already speculated that Leo could be Craig’s secret lover, and if that pans out, we have to wonder if Leo is scamming Craig? Given Craig’s history of scheming with his wife, er, make that possibly soon to be ex-wife Nancy, it would be karmic payback should Leo be playing out another con. Sadly though it would also be tragic for Craig to have his feelings and emotions toyed with in such a way. However, we wouldn’t put it past Leo to do just that.

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Video: Days of Our Lives/YouTube