Two side by side photos of Sami kissing Lucas, and Sami leaning in close to EJ, on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPi

A post-Olympics Salem is about to look a whole lot different.

EJ, Sami and Lucas have a long, complicated history together on Days of Our Lives. One that’s about to get even more complicated when the truth about Lucas setting EJ up for Sami’s kidnapping comes to light. But how it will be revealed, and where it leaves all the main players are the big questions waiting to be answered.

With Days teasing Lucas and Sami’s return in a recent promo, it feels like the truth could come out sooner rather than later. But who will be the one to let the cat out of the bag?

Sami and Lucas face EJ on Days of Our Lives

One possibility is Lucas himself. He could confess after crumbling under the guilt of not only setting EJ up, but being the one to actually kidnap Sami. Of course, Sami is another possibility. She could start to pick up on his strange behavior and start digging. Perhaps she gets Lucas to reveal something only the kidnapper would know, leading her to expose him.

Then there’s, Kate and Chad, who both know what Lucas did — and let EJ take the fall. Chad even helped send him to prison for it. Kate might want to get ahead of any revenge EJ is sure to exact, by helping exonerate him. Even if it means sacrificing her guilty son to do it.

Meanwhile, Chad might need EJ’s help in rescuing Abigail from their sister, Kristen. Maybe he strikes a deal with his brother: the truth about Sami’s kidnapper for help with his wife. Abigail is surely worth it to Chad, even if it means he’ll be the one who ends up in prison.

Chad furrows his brow, and holds out his hands, as he talks to Kate at the DiMera mansion. Days of Our Lives

Another possibility is the devil, who is out there causing all kinds of chaos with the couples in Salem. Maybe he will get a kick out of blowing up his host body’s mother’s world. Although, orchestrating the reveal would surely mean EJ will go free, which works against JoDevil’s current plans for DiMera, whatever they may be. So, he might be a long shot.

Whoever does reveal the truth first, just might have a hand in ending the EJ/Sami/Lucas triangle for good. Or, for now, anyway. Sami probably won’t want anything to do with Lucas when she finds out the lengths he went to make her love him. And there’s a good chance EJ won’t want anything to do with Sami for believing Lucas over him.

In an office, Belle fixes EJ's tie. Days of Our Lives

To avenge that betrayal, EJ could turn to Sami’s sister Belle, who might also be in need of some comfort after the bombshell Jan is about to drop. It could be the one thing EJ does that sends Sami away for good.

How do you think the truth will come out? And how will the triangle look once that happens? Share your theories in the comments and then look back at the history of the EJ/Sami/Lucas triangle in our photo gallery below.