Three photo collage of EJ, Kate and Chad on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

EJ’s going to want to wipe that smirk right off his brother’s face. 

EJ is currently facing ten years in prison for kidnapping Sami on Days of Our Lives. That’s bad enough, but he’s also about to learn his new cellmate is none other than the man who shot him eight years ago. His complicated roomie situation with Clyde just adds to the growing drama surrounding his arrest for something he did not do — but it could also benefit him.

With the truth about Sami’s abductor out there just waiting to be revealed, we have to wonder how EJ will react to learning it was Lucas who not only kidnapped Sami, but set him up for it as well. The true culprit might want to think about never returning to Salem for that very reason, but there are other people who have reason to worry about EJ’s wrath. Namely, the two people in Days of Our Lives’ latest deleted scene from January.

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In the clip, Chad dumps EJ’s CEO nameplate into the trash, after his legal troubles forced him to step down. Gloating over no longer having to share the top spot with his big bro, Chad takes his place at EJ’s desk, whereupon Kate walks in.

“Well, well, well. Look at you,” she says. “You already have your feet up on his desk.”

Chad beams, and says, “Happy New Year to me.”

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Of course, we know how this all played out. Kate found out Lucas planted evidence against EJ for Sami’s kidnapping, and that Chad went along with it, leading to EJ’s arrest. The guilt started to eat away at Chad though and he was going to fess up to it (well, his part in the plan, anyway). However, he quickly changed his mine when he saw the devil, disguised as EJ, force a kiss on Abigail. It reinforced Chad’s desire to see his brother burn, which was just what Satan intended.

Chad eagerly took the stand to lie about EJ’s crimes, and Kate knowingly let Stefano’s son go to prison for something her own son did. That’s not going to sit well with EJ when the truth comes out. Which will probably happen sooner rather than later, considering Sami and Lucas are on their way back from their trip away from Salem.

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EJ will surely be out for blood once he’s free and has all the facts. But where will that leave Chad and Kate? Surely out of any position at DiMera, but could they also end up swapping places with their victim behind bars? Or will EJ have more diabolical plans for them?

This is where EJ’s new cellmate could come in. Clyde does kind of owe EJ for all those years he lost being presumed dead. Plus, Kate shot Clyde when he tried to make off with Henry during a jailbreak a couple of years ago. So, he could be easily persuaded to lash out against her. Then again, it doesn’t take much for Clyde to tap into his villainous side.

What hell do you think EJ will rain down on Chad and Kate? Tell us what you think in the comments, and then look through our photo gallery below of EJ’s own not-so-squeaky clean past.