Four photo collage of Days of Our Lives' Chanel, Gwen, Chloe, and Jan
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

“All couples go through that, right?”

Days of Our Lives is not wasting any time with the shocking reveals when the NBC soap returns in two weeks. They’ve already teased Lucas and Sami’s return, which will presumably lead to a reignited love triangle with EJ. Now, another reappearance is set to rock Belle and Shawn’s world.

In the latest promo, Martha Madison, as Belle, addresses the camera: “My husband and I… we’re like all couples. We’ve been through our fair share of drama.”

And by drama, she means walking in on Shawn in bed with Jan, who was disguised as Belle, courtesy of the devil, who had possessed her mother, Marlena.

“All couples go through that, right?”

No, Belle, no they don’t.

Belle and Shawn haven’t even discussed what went down with Jan. They just moved on as if nothing happened. But they can’t avoid that conversation any longer, as Jan will make another appearance when Days of Our Lives returns from the Olympics break.

In the promo, Belle visits Jan in prison, who declares she and Shawn did in fact have sex. Not only that, but she claims Shawn gave her “the greatest gift ever,” as she stands up to reveal a baby bump. Of course, Belle has questions for her husband, but what will Jan’s victim have to say about it all?

Jan’s cryptic comments about being linked to Belle and Shawn forever before she was carted off to prison, suggested a pregnancy was on the way, but this is Jan we’re talking about. Is she really pregnant? If so, is Shawn really the father? And could this bombshell lead Belle straight into the arms of another?

While we wait to find out, tell us what you think will happen in the comments. Then, look through our photo gallery of some of daytime’s most shocking reveals in our photo gallery below.