Five photo collage of EJ, Tony and Anna, Sami and Chad, Clyde, and Belle. Days of Our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

There’s no shortage of drama ahead for the DiMera heir.

Twenty-five years ago, Susan gave birth to Elvis “EJ” DiMera. Despite initially thinking Elvis Presley was his father, he, of course, turned out to be Stefano’s son. And while the timing doesn’t match up with EJ’s onscreen age, through the magic of SORASing, he’s now a forty-something-year-old man with a twenty-something son of his own. A son, who is currently possessed by the devil, and who helped send him to prison, but not before getting EJ to transfer his DiMera shares over to him.

That would be over the top for most families, but this is the DiMeras we’re talking about. It’s all just another day that ends in “y” for them.

Fake Johnny hands EJ papers in the courtroom. Days of Our Lives

Last we saw, EJ was sentenced to 10 years in prison for kidnapping Sami. He’s done a lot of dastardly deeds over the years, but that is not one of them. In fact, it was her other ex, Lucas, who snatched her and framed EJ for it — with a little help from EJ’s brother, Chad.

Again — DiMeras.

So, what’s next for EJ as Days of Our Lives comes off their two-week Winter Olympics break? As if all the family drama wasn’t enough, the Lucas/Sami/EJ triangle is set to return. At least the NBC soap’s recent promo certainly suggests it.

Sami and Lucas face EJ on Days of Our Lives

With Sami and Lucas on their way back to Salem, the truth about Lucas being Sami’s abductor is sure to come out. But will EJ forgive his long-time love so easily if she tries running back to him? Or, will he be the one asking for forgiveness should she find him in bed with another woman, once again? Not Nicole this time though, but, maybe, her sister, Belle?

All that will have to wait, as first, EJ is going to meet his new cellmate, Clyde Weston. Otherwise known as the man thought to have shot and killed EJ in 2014, when James Scott was in the role. Thanks to Kristen and Dr. Rolf, EJ survived, and now, all these years later, he’s not only being played by Dan Feuerriegel, but will finally come face to face with his “killer.”

EJ confronts Clyde, in front of full, green-leaved trees. Days of Our Lives

EJ will definitely have his hands full, but what do you hope happens now that Days of Our Lives is back? Let us know in the comments, and then look through our photo gallery of EJ’s most dastardly deeds and hottest romances throughout his adult life in Salem.