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Credit: Priscilla Grant/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

Some days, everything just goes wrong.

Things may have calmed down for Days of Our Lives‘ Ciara since MarDevil handed the reigns over to JoDevil, but Konefal’s life is apparently packed full of excitement — just not the kind that anyone would remotely want. Yesterday, to be blunt, was not Victoria Konefal’s day. But at least she’s okay! That’s what’s important, as frustrating as the rest is.

The actress shared a series of Instagram stories last night after her car was apparently broken into and stripped bare. Completely bare.

“To the [bleep]s who broke into my car and robbed me clean of everything — including my TV! — that’s some pretty [bleep]y craftsmanship, bub,” a ticked off, Konefal said, pointing to a wire where the television once was. “You missed a spot. Listen, if you’re gonna rob me, at least do it right.”

She then zoomed in for a pic of the gaping hole in the roof of her car with that lone wired sticking out and wrote, “How embarrassing for them.”

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The whole incident was clearly infuriating, but at least Konefal didn’t lose her sense of humor. Sometimes that’s about all we can do to make it through life. We’re guessing, though, that even that was tested. Because the miserable news didn’t end with the break-in.

Afterwards, Ciara’s portrayer put a story up with a photo of her car, hood up, engine exposed and inside what looked to be a mechanic’s garage. She wrote, “Gorgeous, gorgeous girls have engine fires” as, over it all, Ella Fitzgerald’s “It’s a Lovely Day Today” played.

Okay, at this point we’re just going to commend the actress, because we would have let loose a string of [bleeps] that would have made Yellowstone‘s Beth Dutton blush. Hopefully things turned around afterwards. After all, where else could they go but up?

A couple hours later, Konefal shared a pic of a sign with “I am grateful for…” written on it. It was surrounded by sticky notes full of things like “friendship,” “LA food” and “meditation.” And honestly that sounds like the best way to focus on the positive and try to let go of the negative. We still would have let loose a few screams, though…

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