eric martsolf mourns father's death days
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Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor gives fans a glimpse into a very personal moment.

Days of Our Lives fave Eric Martsolf (Brady) took a seat at the Brady’s Pub to answer some questions from fans. With a drink in hand, he stated, “All right, let the questions fly,” then addressed everything from what inspired him to became an actor to what sports he played growing up — and even revealed how he met his wife Lisa.

However, things turned very personal when he was asked about the last time he cried. “I’m not a huge crier,” Martsolf admitted, “but I did cry because…” It was because of a song that came on not too long ago, “My Grown Up Christmas List.” He went on to explain how it reminded him of going home to Pennsylvania for Christmas, “I would go downstairs and I would play that album and fill up my basement with that sound,” which made him think of the holidays.

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“I tragically lost my parents [in 2021] and this [past] holiday season has been tough and at the same time I’m celebrating them.” In February 2021, Martsolf shared the devastating loss of his mother followed by the loss of his father less than six months later. “As soon as I stopped crying, I started laughing,” he continued, “because I remembered all the good stuff and all the good memories that we had. I will always treasure them. And that’s life, it’s about living and losing and that’s okay.

Watch the video to hear more about that memory and answers to other questions from the NBC soap actor.

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Video: Days of Our Lives/YouTube