Four photo collage of Xander, Kate, Johnny, and Abigail on Days of Our Lives
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More glitz and glam, less beer and chowder. 

Living situations are a funny thing on soap operas. Wealthy families often live together in the same house, characters permanently move into hotels, and young twenty-somethings cohabitate in trendy lofts they couldn’t possibly afford. Or, if you’re Days of Our Lives’ Kate Roberts, you live in a one-room apartment above Brady’s Pub.

Yes. Kate Roberts, former CEO to numerous corporations, and ex-wife to the richest men in Salem, is living above a bar.

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In her Brady's Pub room, Kate raises her eyebrows to Lucas. He holds out a finger, and purses his lips to her. Philip stares off, behind Kate. Days of Our Lives

We accept that EJ and Johnny; Chad, Abigail, and their kids; and Tony and Anna live in the same mansion. We assume it’s huge and they all have their own wing. And while Xander and Gwen living at the Salem Inn is ridiculous, they’ve alienated all the people they could move in with. Besides, Xander recently got that credit card to max out, right?

But there’s no reason Kate freaking Roberts should be living above the town’s local watering hole.

At Brady's Pub, Kate pours coffee for Gabi, who sits at a table. Days of Our Lives

She originally ended up at the Pub during the time jump in 2019, because she was tired of all the corporate backstabbing she received at the hands of Victor and the DiMeras. There was also all that undercover spying she did for Stevano — you know, when Stefano’s essence was implanted into Steve — while waiting tables there. And while it was fun watching a usually glam Kate get casual, we’re not quite sure what brought her back to Salem’s favorite breakfast and clam chowder spot after her break up with Jake.

Kate created a life where she can, and does, enjoy the finer things. She can even afford them. She’s an over-the-top soap opera character who should be ordering room service and drinking martinis in a fancy hotel. Or better yet, ordering a butler around her sprawling penthouse suite. Instead, more than two years after she first moved in, she’s still climbing those stairs from the Pub, after working her cushy job at DiMera, to sleep in her one-room apartment.

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Roman holds boot up to Kate on Days of our Lives

It really makes no sense as to why she’s still there. But, maybe, now that they’re back together, Kate can move in with Roman. Oh, wait, where does he sleep? Has anyone ever seen his home?

What do you think? Are you ready for Kate to move into an abode befitting her taste and style? Tell us what you think in the comments and then relive decades worth of Days of Our Lives drama with our photo gallery below.