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And now for something completely different.

Days of Our Lives is building up to something momentous — so momentous, in fact, that it took decades to reach this particular twist of plot. “It’s a very uncommon story to see in daytime but not in the world today,” Kevin Spirtas (Craig) tells Soap Opera Digest.

In other words, it has nada to do with the devil who’s been bopping in and out of Salemites’ bodies like they were Airbnbs.

“What’s amazing to me,” adds Spirtas, “is that they were able to create this story out of a 30-year relationship between Craig and Nancy.”

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Will it have a happy ending, though? Spoilers for the week reveal that on January 26, Craig does his damnedest to reassure his wife. “He says, ‘Nancy, there is no other woman but you,'” reports Spirtas.

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But a day later, daughter Chloe finds him… well, not in a compromising position exactly but in a compromising telephone conversation. “He’s caught, and he comes clean to her,” says Spirtas. “He just can’t lie to this beautiful child. But what he tells her is a shocking piece of information that she never expected to hear.”

Though Chloe, and ultimately Nancy, are in for a surprise, Spirtas was easily able to wrap his brain around what’s going on with his character. “What’s so interesting about playing this particular turn in Craig’s life,” he says, “is that it’s not a difficult choice to navigate.”

As you count down to the big reveals, review Days of Our Lives’ long history of plot shocks via the below photo gallery that takes us all the way back to the beginning of the NBC soap.